Connecting brands and people Throughout Africa

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.​

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African Dream

We connect brands with customers and consumers in Africa.

The “African Dream” is for many multination organisations a strategic priority and compulsory for growth, expansion and brand building.

Our team at Golden Stack understand just that. We connect brands with customers and consumers in Africa. The markets we service span over central and east Africa with a customer base support the route to market.

With more than 30 years of experience in African markets we understand the challenges to take products into the informal markets and the risk trading in these markets.

Our core function is to breach the challenges and jointly create a customized route to market.

Africa Import and Export
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Customised Service Offerings

Goldenstack specialize in bringing your product to africa, providing Personalized service offerings customized to your specific business needs


Direct Distribution​

Our proven experience in direct distribution channel management assist you in getting your product straight to the consumer without using any intermediaries.



Our experienced staff are trained to handle the complexities of Africa’s shipping on our clients’ behalf.


Primary transportation

Primary transport movements involve high volume movements between the distribution nodes of an organisation’s supply chain. We handle it all.



In-store Merchandising

At Goldenstack we monitor product appearance and supply in various stores throughout our African footprint


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Facts & Figures

From Locations to Operations

Employees & Locations

12 Employees

Based in 3 locations

Tailored Solutions

Customised RTM solutions
suited to the clients needs


Technology solutions


Fleet of > 9 vehicles

4000 m2 warehouse Space

400,389 cases picked
in the last 12 months

21 Cities, In farious countries

>1,000 active
independent traders / retailers

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Our Range includes products from:

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Connecting brands and people Throughout Africa